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The Author: Rosemary Zibart

Rosemary Zibart has worked as a writer in almost every genre from documentary scripts to picture books. “They are all modes of storytelling,” she says. “And storytelling is extremely important in our culture which is inundated with information but short on values and meaning.”

Currently Rosemary writes middle grade chapter books, picture books and plays for adults. She is also writing a screenplay based on one of her middle grade novels. Rosemary lives and works in Santa Fe with her husband and near to her son and grandson. For more information please see her website and check out her FB and Twitter.

True Brit was published by Artemisia Publishers with illustrations by George Lawrence. It has received the NM-AZ Book Award for Historical Fiction, Mom's Choice Award and the Silver Nautilus.  

Forced Journey is the second in The Far and Away Series about children displaced during the turbulent years 1939-1945. It has received the Silver Nautilus Award.

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